Handing in tyres; recycle tyres

Your tyres, our concern

We are specialised in the collection of used and old tyres. Car tyre collection company Van der Veen VOF collects used tyres on a small and large scale.


Collection of other tyres

We have now expanded our services to such an extent that we can always offer you a suitable solution for the environmentally responsible disposal of your used tyres.

Can you dispose of tyres via the RecyBEM System? You can do so free of charge. If you are not yet affiliated we will gladly arrange this for you!

  • As a customer of our company it is possible to be given the use of a tyre container or tyre rack (dependent on the yearly number of tyres and available space).
  • We work according to monthly routes which means that you will be automatically scheduled into our routes so you will never have a surplus of tyres.
  • You can also let us know that your rack or container is full by phone or email.


We purchase large quantities of used tyres in good condition in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Other tyres

We also arrange the transport of old tyres for scrapyards and agricultural enterprises. From wheelbarrow to loader tyre, we will dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner. In respect of costs and options you can contact us without any obligation.


All tyres are stored by size. This means that we can quickly find what you are looking for and that we always have space available for tyres that are either delivered or handed in. We have, on average, about 120,000 tyres in stock.

Tyre recycling

Tyre collection company van der Veen VOF is a member of the Vereniging Band en Milieu. This obligates us to process used tyres in an environmentally responsible manner. And this is something we commit to each day!

All our tyres undergo high quality recycling.

We do this with RecyBEM. This implementing organisation of Besluit Beheer Autobanden (Decision on Tyre Management) ensures that for each new tyre sold an old tyre is handed in. RecyBEM supervises the contracted collection companies. This assures you that all tyres that are handed in will be given a responsible, new purpose.

The tyres are processed into, among other things:

  • artificial turf fields
  • rubber tiles
  • asphalt
  • playgrounds
  • stable mats
RecyBEM sponsors Plakkies

RecyBEM sponsors Plakkies

Plakkies are durable slippers from South Africa that look hip and are great fun.  What makes Plakkies match RecyBEM's philosophy so well? Because the soles of the slippers are made of old tyres. And do believe us when we tell you that they are very comfortable to wear.